I recently photographed writer Joanna Rakoff for the Observer New Review. She has a new book coming out called “My Salinger Year” about her experiences working for J.D. Salinger’s agent in New York.

We got to talking and realized that we had actually been in the same bathroom many years prior. Let me explain. I photographed my friends Justin and Lauren’s wedding for them on Martha’s Vineyard during which I was photographing Lauren and her bridesmaids getting ready in her bathroom. I didn’t remember meeting Joanna specifically but we made the connection and realized that we must have been there at the same time. Small world. Anyhow, she was a pleasure to work with and easy to photograph. I scouted a good location in her neighborhood (the owner of another house was kind enough to let us use his backyard) and I also photographed in her apartment and building. I don’t have the tear sheet (it ran last Sunday) but they used the last image full page apparently. Here are some outtakes as well.

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