My plan after our twins were born was to take about 3 or 4 weeks off from work. However, this shoot we did for Alere, a medical device company, had to be done the week after they were born. To say the least, I was not in the best place to deal with a production of this size. Having a great crew was so vital so I extend a huge thanks to amazing producer Kristie Raymond and my rep Paula Gren for getting me through the week between the birth and the shoot. Other than a site visit for the tech scout, I pretty much just showed up and made pretty pictures. The whole crew was awesome! Big thanks also go out to Jennifer Dunlea for her impeccable styling and Lisa Roche for her beautiful yet understated makeup. Of course I need to thank the dream team of Jarrod McCabe, Dominic Casserly (aka  Little Outdoor Giants) and Ryan Hickey. I was thankful for the shoot partly because it broke up the intensity of that first week of fatherhood. Here are a few of the images from a library I photographed for them.

I love the old signage they’ve kept on my building.

Jared Leeds Photographs Annual Report for MIT's Whitehead Institute of Biomedical Research


Jared Leeds

Boston-based advertising and editorial portrait, lifestyle fine art and travel photographer Jared Leeds shot several spreads for the annual report for the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research at MIT. (Continue Reading)

Recent tearsheet for Technology Review. @technologyreview #editorial #portrait #technology


Fresh edits now playing at Jared Leeds. 3 new gallery presentation are now in rotation. Check em’: Life, Portraits and Work Place. Nice Mr. Leeds!

Thanks for a super tight edit pedrojackie!


As I was putting the finishing touches on a fantastic looking portfolio edit this morning, I could not take my eyes off these photos. His look, his eyes, his character , they kept pulling me in. While Jared Leeds and I were discussing the edits, I asked him what the deal was with this amazing looking and captivating guy. Jared replied with “there is a great story behind the man in those pictures”. Jared proceeded to share the story of unimaginable persecution and violence, against all odds life experience and mind blowing resilience. Jared shares some of the details of this tragic story that has a beautiful ending.

"A couple of years ago I was asked by Bicycling Magazine to photograph Charles Opiro, a former child soldier from Uganda. He was only 21 and really not that far removed from those experiences. He was captured and forced to be a soldier at age 10 and escaped 6 years later. I won’t go into all the details of his story here, but I don’t know how someone comes back from an experience like that. Charles was so sweet and genuine and thankful. Through Unicef, he eventually made his way to New Hampshire to live with a host family. He got into cycling and started riding with a local cycling team. This is what the story was supposed to be about, however the story never got written and the photos never used, sadly. I’ve been sitting on them until now. When I met Charles, he told me his bike had just been stolen. He was working on his GED and working at Fedex at night at the time and had no money for a new bike. I’m an avid biker and have a good friend who works for a major European bicycle company so I approached him with the idea getting a bike donated to Charles so he could race again. He said he could get a frame and with donations we were able build a beautiful bike for Charles which my wife and I delivered to him about a year later. He was so excited and couldn’t have been more thankful. We still keep in touch today."

In June we spent a few days photographing the annual report for the Whitehead Institute and I’m psyched about how it looks. A big thanks to Alice Hecht at Hecht Horton for bringing me on to photograph the brilliant scientists at Whitehead and making the images sing with impeccable design. These spreads are my 9 favorite of the 20 or so in the book. We also photographed everyone on a white seamless background as well, but everybody agreed that the black popped. 

Minna (top) and Marlo, about 4.5 months old.

Last month a bunch of Cosplayers came by the studio for Boston Magazine. The passion and level of detail that went into these costumes was impressive and the transformations were dramatic. For most of these folks, there is no way you’d ever spot them in street clothes. 

Above we have Daenerys with her baby dragon and Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones and Louis Vuitton Storm Trooper. See the rest here.