Portraits from the Boston Magazine cover story on Chinese nationals buying up real estate in the Boston area.

Jared Leeds Shoots Alere Medical Device Photo Library


Jared Leeds

Boston-based advertising and editorial portrait, lifestyle, travel, fine art photographer Jared Leeds has new work from an image library shot for Alere. Alere is a medical device company. (Continue Reading)

More rowing.

A couple more from the rowing series.

Lynn, MA

A couple from a recent personal shoot. More to come.

A couple of outtakes from a recent editorial shoot at the L. Knife and Sons warehouse. They are one of the biggest beer distributers in the country, distributing for Anheuser Busch and a bunch of craft brews as well. These were my favorite from the shoot but as so often happens, neither made the cut.

In August I photographed Robert Lanza at his home for the Penn Gazette. He’s the Chief Scientific Officer of Advance Cell Technology and Professor at Wake Forest. He’s a pioneer in cloning and stem cell research and one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people for 2014. He’s smarter than you and me put together. The idea initially was to photograph him in his lab. However, if I had to shoot in another lab I might have thrown a hissy fit, so I suggested that maybe we try somewhere else. Luckily, his house was really cool and available. The photo they used doesn’t necessarily do the house justice, but at least he’s not surrounded by beakers, pipets and other laboratorial (word?) objects. In the main part of his house and the building where the pool is he had a large collection of tropical plants. I kept expecting a boa constrictor to drop from a tree and smother me. He also has an amazing collection of dinosaur bones and fossils, some of which are billions of years old and larger than me. I’m talking the femur of a brontosaurus. 

My plan after our twins were born was to take about 3 or 4 weeks off from work. However, this shoot we did for Alere, a medical device company, had to be done the week after they were born. To say the least, I was not in the best place to deal with a production of this size. Having a great crew was so vital so I extend a huge thanks to amazing producer Kristie Raymond and my rep Paula Gren for getting me through the week between the birth and the shoot. Other than a site visit for the tech scout, I pretty much just showed up and made pretty pictures. The whole crew was awesome! Big thanks also go out to Jennifer Dunlea for her impeccable styling and Lisa Roche for her beautiful yet understated makeup. Of course I need to thank the dream team of Jarrod McCabe, Dominic Casserly (aka  Little Outdoor Giants) and Ryan Hickey. I was thankful for the shoot partly because it broke up the intensity of that first week of fatherhood. Here are a few of the images from a library I photographed for them.

I love the old signage they’ve kept on my building.