Poet and Wellesley College Professor Dan Chiasson for Wellesley Magazine. 

PDN’s Photoserve used this image of mine in an ad in this month’s issue of PDN. #pdn #photoserve photoserve

Jared Leeds Shoots My Salinger Year Author Joanna Rakoff


Jared Leeds

Boston-based portrait, lifestyle, travel photographer Jared Leeds has new portraiture work. Leeds shot a story for Bicycling Magazine which never ran but was about about Charles Opiro, a former child soldier from Uganda turned cyclist in the U.S. (Continue Reading)

I recently photographed writer Joanna Rakoff for the Observer New Review. She has a new book coming out called “My Salinger Year” about her experiences working for J.D. Salinger’s agent in New York.

We got to talking and realized that we had actually been in the same bathroom many years prior. Let me explain. I photographed my friends Justin and Lauren’s wedding for them on Martha’s Vineyard during which I was photographing Lauren and her bridesmaids getting ready in her bathroom. I didn’t remember meeting Joanna specifically but we made the connection and realized that we must have been there at the same time. Small world. Anyhow, she was a pleasure to work with and easy to photograph. I scouted a good location in her neighborhood (the owner of another house was kind enough to let us use his backyard) and I also photographed in her apartment and building. I don’t have the tear sheet (it ran last Sunday) but they used the last image full page apparently. Here are some outtakes as well.

A couple of years ago I was asked by Bicycling Magazine to photograph Charles Opiro, a former child soldier from Uganda. He was only 21 and really not that far removed from those experiences. He was captured and forced to be a soldier at age 10 and escaped 6 years later. I won’t go into all the details of his story here, but I don’t know how someone comes back from an experience like that. Charles was so sweet and genuine and thankful. Through Unicef, he eventually made his way to New Hampshire to live with a host family. He got into cycling and started riding with a local cycling team. This is what the story was supposed to be about, however the story never got written and the photos never used, sadly. I’ve been sitting on them until now. When I met Charles, he told me his bike had just been stolen. He was working on his GED and working at Fedex at night at the time and had no money for a new bike. I’m an avid biker and have a good friend who works for a major European bicycle company so I approached him with the idea getting a bike donated to Charles so he could race again. He said he could get a frame and with donations we were able build a beautiful bike for Charles which my wife and I delivered to him about a year later. He was so excited and couldn’t have been more thankful. We still keep in touch today.

I’m really excited to officially announce that I’m now being repped by the Gren Group! I’ve known Mark and Paula for a while now and they are truly kind, smart, energetic and professional people. They are a great fit for me and I’m looking forward to many years of growth and prosperity with them. They represent some of the best lifestyle and portrait photographers in the world and I’m honored to be a Gren Groupie! http://www.thegrengroupinc.com


Jared Leeds shoots Top Chef Kristen Kish for Inked Magazine.

Old news but since Top Chef is being filmed in Boston this time I thought I’d reblog.


Aunt Winnie (95), Pittsburgh, PA

Winifred Feise: 1919-2014
My aunt Winnie passed away yesterday at the age of 95. She would have been 96 next month. She lived in Pittsburgh and my wife Tess and I had the pleasure of visiting her on a road trip we took last summer. That is when I made this photograph. Little did I know it would be the last time I saw her. Up until the end she was an incredibly smart, sophisticated, opinionated, loving and strong woman. I feel lucky to have known her and only wish that I could have spent more time with her in these later years. Rest In Peace Winnie.

Here’s a story I did for Matter, an online science magazine about science and technology. I photographed Eleanor Reid and her parents for a day. Eleanor is deaf and wears a Cochlear implant. The story is about how some people feel the Cochlear implant is ruining deaf culture. You can see how the images were used here: https://medium.com/matter

An outtake from a recent shoot for Smithsonian Magazine of Avi Loeb, Chair of the Astronomy Department at Harvard.