In June we spent a few days photographing the annual report for the Whitehead Institute and I’m psyched about how it looks. A big thanks to Alice Hecht at Hecht Horton for bringing me on to photograph the brilliant scientists at Whitehead and making the images sing with impeccable design. These spreads are my 9 favorite of the 20 or so in the book. We also photographed everyone on a white seamless background as well, but everybody agreed that the black popped. 

Minna (top) and Marlo, about 4.5 months old.

Last month a bunch of Cosplayers came by the studio for Boston Magazine. The passion and level of detail that went into these costumes was impressive and the transformations were dramatic. For most of these folks, there is no way you’d ever spot them in street clothes. 

Above we have Daenerys with her baby dragon and Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones and Louis Vuitton Storm Trooper. See the rest here.

A few months back I photographed Steven Pinker at his home in Boston for the German magazine Terra Mater. Pinker is a famed psychologist and Professor at Harvard University. He’s written 8 books including his most recent The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined. He’s a smart man.

I actually photographed him years earlier when he was at MIT and I was a much less seasoned photographer. These photos are better.  He’s really into photography (he’s a pretty good photographer himself) and understood the process, which made my life easier. I almost always prefer to photograph someone at their home than at their office. They seem to be more relaxed and less distracted by deadlines or whatever work they have piled in front of them. Steven was a gracious host.

Jared Leeds Shoots for Wellesley Magazine


Jared Leeds

Boston-based advertising and editorial portrait, lifestyle and travel photographer Jared Leeds recently shot poet and Professor Dan Chiasson for Wellesley Magazine. (Continue Reading)


Marlo and Minna, 4 months old.

Poet and Wellesley College Professor Dan Chiasson for Wellesley Magazine. 

PDN’s Photoserve used this image of mine in an ad in this month’s issue of PDN. #pdn #photoserve photoserve

Jared Leeds Shoots My Salinger Year Author Joanna Rakoff


Jared Leeds

Boston-based portrait, lifestyle, travel photographer Jared Leeds has new portraiture work. Leeds shot a story for Bicycling Magazine which never ran but was about about Charles Opiro, a former child soldier from Uganda turned cyclist in the U.S. (Continue Reading)